Questions You Should Ask When Deciding on a Pediatrician

Q:  When and where did the pediatrician complete medical school and residency?
       A:  Dr. Pruitt attended Texas Tech University for medical school and then completed a three year residency specializing in Pediatrics at the University of South Florida.
       A:  Dr. Minick attended the University of Florida for medical school and then completed a three-year residency specializing in Pediatrics at the University of South Florida.

Q:  Is the pediatrician a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics or other speciality organizations?
       A:  Dr. Pruitt is a fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics.
       A:  Dr. Minick is a fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Q:  How long has the pediatrician been in practice?
       A:  Dr. Pruitt completed her pediatrics training in June of 2005. Since that time she worked with the Gastroenterology group at All Children’s Hospital until starting at this practice in 2007.
       A:  Dr. Minick completed his pediatrics training in June of 2004. Since that time he worked as a pediatric hospitalist at All Children’s Hospital, as well as worked in the Emergency Center. He also worked for Now Care for Kids after hours clinic and for Partners in Pediatrics in Clearwater, FL. He began at this practice in 2007 as well.

Q:  At what hospitals does the pediatrician have privileges?
       A:  Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Minick are on staff at Brandon Regional Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital with admitting privileges only at Brandon Regional Hospital.

Q:  How soon after the baby is born will the pediatrician come to see him at the hospital?
       A:  Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Minick make hospital rounds before or after office hours and on weekends. They will see all newborns within 24 hours of delivery and sooner if complications arise.

Q:  How does the pediatrician feel about parents calling our office after hours?
       A:  Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Minick are strongly committed to making sure their parents have ample information at their fingertips, and it was with that in mind that they have created this website. We hope that many of the more common questions can be answered easily through this resource. We ask that parents reserve the after hours calls for emergencies only. That way, the physicians will be able to address all the emergency calls in a timely fashion.

Q:  Is there a specific time of day that the pediatrician will take phone calls?
       A:  Our office is fortunate to have excellent medical assistants to handle phone calls during normal office hours Monday-Friday. If they are unable to answer your questions satisfactorily, they will be taken to your physician. We answer phone calls over lunch and after the office has closed. If there is an emergency, the medial assistants will notify us, and we will respond immediately.

Q:  Is the office conveniently located for less travel time with a sick child?
       A:  We reviewed several potential office sites before deciding on the FishHawk Office Park. Not many communities can boast of having a pediatrician within a short distance of their home! It is also a convenient drive for the surrounding communities and requires no interstate driving.

Q:  What are the office hours, and are there early morning or late evening hours for working parents?
       A:  We are open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed 12-1pm for lunch). We also offer emergency Saturday and Sunday visits by appointment.

Q:  Does the pediatrician answer any general questions by email?
       A:  We plan on offering the most technologically advanced office system that currently exists. This will facilitate the ease with which you are seen and the storage of your child’s medical records. Our office is fully computerized, so you will no longer hear “your child’s records are in the warehouse, but when we receive them we can fill out your camp forms”. With this system, we will be able to offer the ability to have email correspondence with you. In addition, for chronic medications that don’t require an office visit, you can email us a refill request that we will be able to electronically send on to your pharmacy.

Q:  Who covers for the pediatrician when he is on vacation?
       A:  Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Minick will cover for each other during vacations. There will typically not be a time where both physicians are gone at the same time, although rare exceptions may happen. If there is ever a time where we both have to be out, we will have physician coverage and one or both of us will be available to that physician as needed for any questions.Site Meter